My duty is to serve the people, not fight my leader

My duty is to serve the people, not fight my leader

Written by Staff Writer

07 Nov, 2018 | 9:10 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – Deputy Leader of the UNP, Sajith Premadasa spoke at a media briefing held at Temple Trees today and stated that all issues must be resolved in Parliament.

MP Sajith Premadasa stated that they came into power through a coalition with the aim of uniting to govern the country on the principles of good governance.

He stated that his objective was to carry out his duties in this journey with the cooperation of both the Prime Minister and the President and at no point did he intend to profit from any venture. He notes that at every juncture, he wanted to reflect the unity within the government and that he believes every government should act in a democratic manner, with a proper vision, and within a certain framework.

Sajith Premadasa goes on to note that it is equally important to be transparent when carrying out activities because when running a country there are morals and principles that need to be upheld.

He stated that he will never shy away from a challenge but he will always give prominence to his morals to direct him in a respectable manner. He went on to state that as Politicians all eyes are on them and even children view them as examples of how adults handle themselves and that it is a grave responsibility.

When asked whether he is afraid to challenge Ranil Wickramasinghe, MP Sajith stated that it is a wrong question to pose as an elected representative shouldn’t challenge their own leaders. He notes that his responsibility is to help the people solve their issues and not fight the party leader.

Sajith Premadasa then stated that he does, however, have one fear. He states that he is afraid that if this country goes ahead in this manner the people will eventually suffer more.


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