IMF halted support due to SL’s confusing situation

IMF halted support due to SL’s confusing situation

Written by Staff Writer

02 Nov, 2018 | 8:17 pm

Colombo (News 1st) – Ranil Wickramasinghe met with representatives of civil societies and trade unions today (November 02) at the temple trees.

Wickramasinghe stated at this meeting that the President should convene the parliament and make the person who commands the confidence of a majority in parliament the prime minister. He went on to state that when this tradition is broken the supremacy of parliament is lost.

Addressing the meeting he further noted that there is no point of decreasing fuel prices and the important matter is the value of the rupee. He went on to state that they were due to agree on money and support from the IMF and as the international community see the political chaos in the country they halted the agreement.

Wickramasinghe noted that because of these issues Sri Lanka won’t be able to export and when this happens the government of Sri Lanka won’t have international recognition.

He concluded by saying that the country is currently at a state of confusion.

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