Front Line Socialist Party highlights Government hypocrisy

Front Line Socialist Party highlights Government hypocrisy

Written by Staff Writer

08 Aug, 2018 | 9:30 am

Colombo (News1st) – The Front Line Socialist Party convening a media briefing recently spoke on a range of issues that are having an impact on Sri Lanka and the general public.

Commenting on the recent increase in taxes imposed on cars below 1000 cc, politburo member of the Front Line Socialist Party Pubudu Jayagoda stated that the Government’s excuse for imposing taxes was that a large amount of foreign reserves leaves the country when importing vehicles. Jagoda states that the Government has forgotten that they spent around Rs 40mn to 50mn to import super luxury vehicles for the Prime Minister and other ministers. Another excuse given for imposing taxes according to Jagoda was the severe traffic congestion.  The Front Line Socialist Party believes that if the Government wants to discourage the use of personal vehicles, they should lead by example. Jagoda questioned how many vehicles Minister of Finance Managala Samaraweera uses, he questioned the number of vehicles used by other members of Cabinet. He noted that the people of this country resorted to buying their own vehicles because the public transport system in the country has collapsed.

While all these issues remain, Jagoda explained that our public representatives are fighting among each other for the post of opposition leader. Jagoda questioned which issue is more important and whether a solution could be provided to these issues by simply appointing an opposition leader.

According to the  Front Line Socialist Party, the joint opposition group is now shouting that they have lost faith in the opposition leader, Jagoda questioned whether this means that their faith in the Prime Minister has been restored?


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