President and PM should intervene in Sri Lanka cricket – Mahanama

President and PM should intervene in Sri Lanka cricket – Mahanama

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01 Jul, 2018 | 1:05 am

COLOMBO (News 1st) – Veteran cricketer Roshan Mahanama expressed his views on the current situation of Sri Lanka Cricket at an event held at the S.O.S Tsunami village.

He stated that unfortunately today, there is no proper body to control the cricket in Sri Lanka. Mahanama noted that the players need to be motivated when times are tough if their true potential is to be unlocked.  However, the former test skipper believes that the management behind Sri Lanka cricket has not made the necessary arrangements for any of this.

Soon after Sri Lanka cricket was brought directly under the Ministry of Sports, Minister Faiszer Mustapha issued an open invitation to a number of senior players to come and assist Sri Lanka cricket. The call to arms was rejected by all players involved, Roshan Mahanama was also on that list. Journalists questioned why Mahanama reject the request made by the Minister.

Responding to the question Mahanama noted that he is where he is today because of Cricket and that various parties are criticising them for not stepping up. Mahanama noted that there isn’t an honest environment for them to step up to, he added that he is not ready to take a stand for temporary solutions.

In a bit of advice for the Minister on what he could possibly do, Mahanama suggested that the subject minister take a long hard look at who had been occupying the seats of power in institutions like Sri Lanka Cricket for the past 12 years. Review whether those individuals serve the sport and whether they deserve their positions.

Mahanama added that the only solution he sees to this current situation is the President and Prime Minister intervening to provide a solution.

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