Gammadda’s mission of mercy gives library to hundreds of rural school children

Gammadda’s mission of mercy gives library to hundreds of rural school children

Gammadda’s mission of mercy gives library to hundreds of rural school children

Written by Nathasha De Alwis

23 Jan, 2018 | 9:34 pm

Our Gammadda group witnessed another wonderful project come to an end today, January 23.

The team declared open a new library for the students of Mathugama Iththapana Sri Saranankara Primary School.

While visiting the area, our Gammadda team realised the hardship and difficult conditions endured by the school children.  In October last year, gale force winds tore down a large tree, which fell on a school building.

It was saddening to see the roof of the building, that was now a plastic sheeting, given by a non-governmental organisation.

The library was funded by a couple from Korea. It is learnt that they met in Sri Lanka and fell in love here and thereafter decided to get married.

Hun Chei was a volunteer at the school and when she came here. She decided to fund the library with all the money saved up for their wedding.

For this touching move, they chose Gammadda. And this evening they had an important and a heartfelt message for all.

Wu Hun said that they met in Sri Lanka and decided to ‘build the library’ to mark their special moment. He stated that because they knew that a wedding would cost a fortune, they have decided to to utilize those funds for a better cause.

He further stated that this is why they were able to make his contribution via Gammadda. He also made a request from the students present at the event.

“If you make a promise to someone, make sure you keep that promise. If you are engaged in an activity, do it as if it is your own”, said Wu Hun.

Hun Chei asked the students to use the library with care and to make their dreams come true.

She requested the students to be someone who will be able to build a similar library somewhere else and she asked them not to think that they are not capable of doing things.

“You must have hope and that will allow you to achieve victory”  was Hun Chei’s inspiring message.

While billions are being skimmed off from the general public, the situation in Sri Lanka, especially rural Sri Lanka is really appalling.

The gesture of this couple in love – this gesture of love made it possible, through Gammada, to give a lasting gift to children who deserve it the most.

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