Government expenditure for September exceeds 10 billion (VIDEO)

Government expenditure for September exceeds 10 billion (VIDEO)

Written by Lahiru Fernando

07 Nov, 2017 | 10:07 pm

The Ruling Party has put forward a supplementary estimate for approval in Parliament. The estimate is on Government expenditure for the month of September.

The amount? – Rs. 11.26 billion

Expenditure breakdown for September:

Recurrent expenditures – Rs. 6.34 billion

Capital Expenses – Rs. 4.92 billion

Ministry of Women and Child Affairs – Rs, 500,000 (foreign travel)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Rs. 31.6 million

Ministry of Primary Industries – Rs. 3 million (foreign travel)

Ministry of Skills Development and Vocational Training – Rs. 498,000

The Government – Rs. 55.95 million (maintenance of government vehicles)

Compensation payments to Beruwala vicims in June 2014 – Rs. 11.4 million

Sand excavation for Port City Project – Rs. 16 million

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