Magalle mourns the loss of a selfless son and protector

Magalle mourns the loss of a selfless son and protector

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14 Oct, 2017 | 10:03 pm

Nandasena Nilaveera – Does this name sound familiar? – probably not.

You may not be familiar with the name but for residents of Magalle, Galle -he is a well known individual who has worked tirelessly to protect their lives.

It is a dark, unfortunate day today for Megalle as the city mourns the loss of this hard working individual, who can no longer protect her residents.

April 14, 2016

Bamboo rail gate operators around Sri Lanka called for a strike, requesting for higher wages.

But there was one person who did not strike. It was Nandasena Nilaveera.

This one man stood above all, defied the strike and worked tirelessly as he always have. He manned the railway crossing near the Anula Devi College, Magalle -when every other operator decided not to.Nandasena Nilaveera

The late Nandasena Nilaveera said this to News 1st, one year ago…

“.. The salaries are low, but what can we do. Its wrong to strike during the new year season, because these are locations that the public frequents. There are many vehicles on the road as well. If someone meets with an accident, even we are saddened by it..”

Nandasena Nilaveera

Nandasena Nilaveera

This man, the great exemplary human being who put the people’s safety before his own wellbeing is sadly, no more.

He passed away unexpectedly yesterday (October 13). He fell victim to the very beast he stood tall to protected the people from.

Nandasena Nilaveera decided to cross the level crossing to close the gate, and was run over by a Colombo bound trail, plying from Matara.

73 year old Nandasena stood as protector of those travelling across the level crossing for four years. He took home just Rs. 7500 as a monthly salary.

He leaves behind a faithful companion, his pet dog -and his bicycle.

His pet, his faithful best friend, continues to guard the bicycle, awaiting his master’s return.

Nandasena's pet dog, still guarding his master's bicycle....

Nandasena’s pet dog, still guarding his master’s bicycle….

Magalle mourns the loss of her selfless son. And the ever-so protected level crossing -has now become unguarded and unprotected as of 2.30 pm – October 13, 2017.

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