Vidya rape and murder case continues in Jaffna High Court

Vidya rape and murder case continues in Jaffna High Court

Written by Bella Dalima

29 Jun, 2017 | 10:06 pm

The case pertaining to the rape and murder of Sivaloganathan Vidya was taken up before a three-judge bench on the second day at the Jaffna High Court.

The case is being heard against nine suspects including the chief suspect identified as “Swiss Kumar”.

Following the arrest of the ten suspect connected to the case, the fifth suspect turned into a state’s witness and was produced before the court today.

Deputy Solicitor General Kumar Rathnam, during his cross examination, inquired into whether the suspect has been involved in an affair with the victim.

It was revealed by the fifth suspect that Periyathambi Alias Ushanthan, a driver attached to the Pungudutivu Pradeshiya Sabha had been in love with the victim.

However, the victim had repeatedly refused his advances.

The fifth suspect also revealed that on a number of occasions he accompanied Periyathambi as he followed the victim on a motorcycle as she travelled home after school.

He added that around one and a half months before the incident, the victim had assaulted Periyathambi with a slipper and this had made him “mad at Vidya.”

It was revealed that Periyathambi had possibly given around Rs.20,000 to kidnap the victim.

When the suspect stated in open court that his life may be at risk, the bench ordered the journalists and individuals present in the court room to vacate the premises.


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