Debate held in Parliament on Malabe Private Medical College

Debate held in Parliament on Malabe Private Medical College

Debate held in Parliament on Malabe Private Medical College

Written by Keshala Dias

09 Mar, 2017 | 9:00 pm

A debate over the Malabe private medical college was held in Parliament during the adjournment debate of the Parliament on Thursday, March 09.

JVP Leader Anura Kumara Dissanayaka: “Yesterday, police officers were brought to take MP Dinesh Gunawardena out of the Parliament. They had their badges and stars removed. Why? Because they were afraid that those will harm the MP. You consider the security for MPs as security for babies. But what do you do to children? You fire tear gas, attack using water, shed blood, take them to hospitals and arrest them. That shows how much you worry about the children of this country. Hon. Speaker we defeat the attempt made to restrict education to people of high class and money by destroying the free education system”.

MP S. B. Dissanayake: “As per the law, you don’t need the approval of the BOI to register a private educational institute. It only requires the company registration. They have that and they have the approval of the BOI too. It was said, if the medical council does not agree, the minister only had to gazette it in the Parliament. That is wrong. The act clearly states that. According to the Act. the minister can throw that away – make instructions to register them. Or he can send a written request SAITM and get a report and then submit it and ask the Council to reconsider. As the third option, you can gazette it and cancel it. The approval of the Medical Council is not an issue when this is registered as a medical institute. The minister can grant that opportunity if he wants. But Minister Rajitha didn’t do that. He let this seek legal assistance. If there’s no faith in the magistrate you can take it to the Supreme Court. Why aren’t they doing that?”

MP Lakshman Kiriella: “I held two discussions with deans. The deans agreed to make these children face the examinations conducted by the Medical Council. There is politics behind this”.

MP Dayasiri Jayasekera: “As the Minister of Higher Education, he needs to be neutral. He shouldn’t take anyone’s side when providing a solution to this issue. We need to decide whether we are going to destroy the child or take him forward”.

MP Champika Ranawaka: “A student from Kilinochchi will enter the Medical University while a child who obtained the highest marks in Colombo lose that opportunity. This is what you call the injustice in the system. So. we need to change this district-based system. Next question is if the government doesn’t have money. An expense of Rs. five billion is incurred for every kilometre in the Kandy highway. The cost for two kms sums up the expense incurred to send around six-thousand students to university, how can they say that the government does not have money. Why is it only doctors should be sent to government hospitals. The number of doctors shouldn’t be determined by the government Medical Officers Association or the doctors in the country. The targeted economy of the country will determine that. It is the government’s responsibility to intervene. As the first step, they should stop enrolling students to this institute. There are more than a thousand students in it. we cannot consider them as those who cannot be good doctors. I’m sure there are plenty of students who can be good doctors some day. We should give those children an opportunity”.

While the matter of private medical colleges was being debated in parliament, the students of the private medical college in Malabe staged a silent protest.

Students from the private medical college in Malabe staged their silent protest on either side of the access road leading to parliament.

Thereafter, the students staged a silent demonstration opposite the Sri Lanka Medical Council seeking justice.

Later, the students marched to the Ministry of Health and staged a Satyagraha campaign.

“…After the act was passed in Parliament and made into a law by the Courts and after it has come in to effect in society, we have taken to the streets to stage a silent protest as it has not been enforced. A misconception was made regarding our results in society. Recently, all our results were tabled in Parliament. It will be included in the hansard. We believe that all the misconceptions will be wiped off…”

When the students from the private medical college started to leave the access road to parliament, student activists from the University of Colombo arrived there and staged their own silent protest.

They claim that the country does not need the Private Medical College.

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