Crime Watch: Another killing  in Ambangoda -a closer look at criminal activity since July

Crime Watch: Another killing in Ambangoda -a closer look at criminal activity since July

Crime Watch: Another killing in Ambangoda -a closer look at criminal activity since July

Written by Staff Writer

12 Dec, 2016 | 9:37 pm

Vipul Priyantha, a man who runs a fruit shop at the Meetiyagoda Junction in Ambangoda, was first shot at by an unidentified individual – ten  months ago on February13, 2016.

Priyantha survived, miraculously. However, the two individuals who arrived at the scene in a motorcycle, had fled the location after opening fire but one suspect was arrested and is currently in remand custody.

Vipul Priyantha, was shot for a second time today, Monday, December 12,  by two unidentified persons who arrived on a motorcycle –  just like on the previous occasion,the shooting occurred was while he was at his fruit shop. This time though, the 45 year-old father of three was not lucky as he was the last time. Priyantha, who sustained severe injuries in the attack- died following admission to hospital.

DIG Priyantha Jayakody says the shooting is connected to a triple homicide in the area which occurred a few days ago.

Q&A – News 1st’s Roshan Watawala and DIG Priyantha Jayakody

Roshan Watawala: “A number of homicides were reported from the Ambalangoda area recently. what is the reason behind it?”

DIG (Crimes) – Priyantha Jayakody: “We have received many reports of homicides from the Ambalangoda, and Elpitiya, police divisions. We were able to connect the dots between this incident and the murder of three members of the same family, that is the father, mother and child.”

According to the DIG, Investigations have been launched under the supervision of the Superintendent of police with the help of three special police teams.

He also stated that he is confident “it is the same gang that is connected to the two homicides.” and assured that the gang and their weapons will be taken into custody by the police swiftly.

RW: “Is the task of nabbing illegal weapons entrusted with the police? What should the people do in this regard?”

DIG: “We are in the post conflict era. The weapons which were used during the conflict are in circulation, It has been reported that unlicensed shot guns are being regularly handed over. There have also been instances where rifles had been handed over. However, the Sri Lanka Police is entrusted with the task of stripping people of their weapons and we would like to request the public to provide the police or the IGP directly, with the necessary information.”


18th July 2016: Maduwage Sarath – Businessman – murdered in Wathugedera, Ambalagonda.

13th August 2016: Helambage Premasiri – Businessman – killed by two unidentified men who opened fire at him in Ambalangoda

23th October 2016: Four persons die following a shooting in Mattakkuliya

15th November 2016: Members of an underworld ring flee after firing shots at two police officers in Kurunegala; Sub Inspector – killed

20th November 2016: One killed and another injured in a shooting in Ankumbura.

24th November 2016: One killed in a shooting in Peellawaththa, Minuwangoda.

6th December 2016: Triple homicide – Father, Mother and Son shot to death in Ambalangoda.

12th December 2016: Vipul Priyantha – Businessman – Shot to death in his shop by two unidentified men on a motorcycle in Meetiyagoda Junction, Ambangoda.

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