Tensions flare in parliament over Central Bank bond issuance controversy

Tensions flare in parliament over Central Bank bond issuance controversy

Tensions flare in parliament over Central Bank bond issuance controversy

Written by Keshala Dias

21 Nov, 2016 | 10:02 pm

Tensions flared in parliament once again on Monday, November 21,  over the controversy surrounding Central Bank bond issuance.

UPFA Parliamentarian Vasudeva Nanayakkara said to the Prime Minister that as long as he stays the Prime Minister, the bond scam will not be investigated.

The PM said:

The Attorney General can advise the government, with the exception of our privileges, other questions are posed to the Attorney General…

The Attorney General informed us to write to the IMF and the World Bank on the matter of public auctions versus private placements, he added, “I cannot write to anyone else because I would be reprimanded for consulting someone that I know”.

He went on to note, the issue is now under a committee of parliament and that it does not come under the Ministry. He also said that he has no problem if the party leaders agree to hand this over to a private lawyer instead of the Attorney General – and that he has fulfilled his responsibility.

“I believe that it must be swiftly decided by the law as to who is accountable, or they will say that I am delaying it, he said. “We are now making inquiries into the Greek Bond controversy”.

He also said that they are investigating the hedging deal and that some of the private bonds have been given in violation of the law.

“I wish to ask this chamber, if it is the intention of the opposition to build the country – then tell us”, he added, “Even the joint opposition is split now. There is no point to me talking about that”.

State Minister of Highways Dilan Perera said, the parliament must allocate a day to debate on the report of the Committee on Public Enterprises on the bond scam as soon as possible.

“Once parliament has commissioned this investigation, we will find out who is wrong, who has stolen the money and all other factors”, he added, “At present, this process is corrupt because persons are slinging mud for political benefits, instead of taking steps to punish the people who have been caught red-handed”.

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