Gammadda100: Day 43 – Laying the foundation to fulfill a broken promise

Gammadda100: Day 43 – Laying the foundation to fulfill a broken promise

Gammadda100: Day 43 – Laying the foundation to fulfill a broken promise

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30 Aug, 2016 | 10:20 pm

“When it rains, this is inundated and when there are strong winds, the roofing sheets fly off. It is very frightening,” explained a former student.

This is not the beginning of another sad story. This is the voice of a community, waiting for a long standing problem to be resolved. This is the beginning of a difference created by News 1st, With the people, for the people…

Having heard the voice of the people, their cry for a better future, their cry for hope, we power on under the Gammadda 100-Days Initiative.

DAY 42/100

Laying the foundation to fulfill a broken promise

The building in which the children at Pradeepaloka Pre-School in Kederathmale, Rambewa, learn their ABCs cannot even boast of the bare necessities for early childhood education. For their school becomes a muddy swamp whenever it rains.

While wondering how such a dire situation could have escaped the eyes of so many people who have passed through this village, under the Gammadda 100 days initiative it was decided that the time for waiting was over and that a solution was required now.

“While we focus on issues that have a news value, we had no knowledge of how to build a pre-school building. Due to this reason, we needed the support of the residents of this area. For showing us the unity of your community, I thank you on behalf of Sirasa”, said Chathuranga Hapuarachchi, Project Leader.

Construction work on the Pradeepaloka Pre-School is set to conclude in two weeks.

The Benefactor

Ajith Wijeytunge, a prominent businessmen, came forward to sponsor this project. Incidentally, this is the third of six projects, which have been commenced under the initiative with financial support from Ajith Wijeytunge.

“Sirasa means the head, but we can see that they have a heart too. They have a pulse. Sirasa is an exemplary channel. If Sirasa says they will do something it will be done. Individuals who work to mitigate the hardships faced by their countrymen are true leaders of the people. They are heroes. They are kings. Sirasa is a king in this country. They are a leader of the people. People who support these endeavors are also true leaders of the people”, said businessman and philanthropist, Ajitha Wijetunge.

The Gammadda 100-Days Initiative continues on its mission to resolve the hardships and suffering and uplift the livelihoods of people for whom development has been a myth, throughout the history of our republic.


You too can join hands with News 1st to create a change by simply calling our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201

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