#Gammedda100: Day 35 – Canal renovated as a multi-purpose project

#Gammedda100: Day 35 – Canal renovated as a multi-purpose project

#Gammedda100: Day 35 – Canal renovated as a multi-purpose project

Written by Lahiru Fernando

23 Aug, 2016 | 8:58 pm

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.
– Albert Einstein

The 5th project which commenced under the Gammedda 100 days initiative was vested in the public on Tuesday August 23.

DAY 35/100



Then and Now

The Cheenagahabena canal supplies water to over 190 acres of farmland in the Kathduwa village in Malimbada, Matara. Before the Gammedda teams began work on the canal, it was neglected and invaded by foliage. However, after 12 days of hard work, the canal now flows free providing water to farmlands with no obstructions.

In keeping with traditions, blessed water was sprinkled over the canal before declaring it open in the presence of  senior officials of the Capital Maharaja Organisation Privated Limited.

“If the entire country joins hands with News 1st, I believe that it will not be a difficult task to even clean up the entire nation.” said Suranga Senanayake, Channel Head – News 1st.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Channel Head of News 1st pointed out that the people are what strengthens News 1st. “You are our strength. Without you, there is nothing much that a media institution could do. It is only when you join hands with us that we are able to undertake such large projects.”

2“Let us first construct tanks, clean up our rivers and then let us clear the nation of corruption, fraud and laziness. Let’s build a better nation for our future generations”,  he added.

Uplifting the fishermen…

Inline with the canal renovation, necessary steps were taken to uplift the ease of engaging in fishing activities for the villagers. Thereby,  it could be termed as a Multi-purpose Development Project.”We need to protect waster sources such as this in-order to preserve our fresh water. Programs such as the Gammadda coming forward in this regard is a great boon for the entire country”, said Sisira Kumara, Matara Divisional Irrigation Engineer.

A certificate to prove that the project was completed in keeping with the proper standards was also presented to the News 1st team while the Gammedda Saviya Society was also established in the area today.


You too can join hands with News 1st to create a change by simply calling our number 011 4 896 896 and make a deposit to Nations Trust Bank account 0111 – 0000 – 2201.

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