Laggala Police firearms robbery – key suspects identified?

Laggala Police firearms robbery – key suspects identified?

Laggala Police firearms robbery – key suspects identified?

Written by Staff Writer

20 Apr, 2016 | 7:37 pm

The police are following two leads into the recent theft of firearms from the Laggala Police Station.

A T56 firearm and 5 revolvers were stolen from the temporary armoury of the Laggala Police Station on April 13. The telephone operator at the Police Station who saw the suspicious individual who fled after stealing the weapons, could not identify the suspect as he had also threatened him using a T56 firearm and had subsequently attempted to take cover.

According to our correspondent, Lakmal Kirindiwela, the telephone operator noted that the individual had fled behind the police station. While the chest containing the firearms was kept near the front door of the police station, the suspect allegedly fled from a space that is frequented by police officers.

Teams conducting investigations say this causes them to believe that the thief may have been a police officer. The statement made by the officer in charge of the keys, lends weight to this suspicion.

He said that on the night of the theft, his wallet and the bunch of keys, were kept between two chairs. It has also come to light that the officer was asleep during the theft.

While there are 14 keys on the ring, it is no easy task to identify the correct key. This gives rise to the suspicion that a person who was familiar with the keys, carried out the theft.

Incidentally, the current OIC of the Laggala Police is among the members of the committee appointed by the Police
Department, to investigate the theft. Investigators are focussing on whether there is a link between this incident and the theft of the weapons.

Explaining further, our correspondent noted that the police station is not located in a populous area and since the Laggala town is under construction. The Laggala Police Station is the only police station.

The stolen weapons were found at a temple in close proximity to the  police station.

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