Surgery commences on Venezuelan woman arrested at Katunayake airport

Surgery commences on Venezuelan woman arrested at Katunayake airport

By Staff Writer

14 Feb, 2016 | 9:39 pm

A Venezuelan woman who has allegedly swallowed 87 packets of cocaine to smuggle it into the country, was arrested by Customs officers at the Katunayake airport on Sunday February 14.

It has come to light that the woman in question, who had arrived on a flight from Dubai on Saturday morning, had alerted the suspicions of authorities, who, upon further inspection  discovered the drugs.

The Customs Department said she had travelled to the country from Brazil via Dubai. Investigators have revealed that the woman is about 62 years of age.

She has been admitted to the Negombo Hospital where the procedure to remove the packets of cocaine from her body has commenced.

Investigators say that the high-end party drug Cocaine, sells for about Rs.20,000 rupees per gramme in Sri Lanka.

Venezuela, the South American country from where the woman arrested today hails from, has been under the spotlight on several occasions for international drug trafficking.

The UN says that drug trafficking via Venezuela has increased drastically since 2002. International reports indicate that cocaine produced in Colombia, is trafficked to other countries including the United States, via Venezuela.