Bodies of missing teenagers found in Wellampitiya

Bodies of missing teenagers found in Wellampitiya

Bodies of missing teenagers found in Wellampitiya

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16 Feb, 2016 | 9:03 pm

Grief settled over Wellampitiya on Tuesday with the deaths of two young girls. Search and rescue personnel from the Sri Lankan Navy and the Police Diving Unit recovered the bodies of two girls who drowned in the Kelani River in Sedawatte, Wellampitiya.

Subhodhani Nayomi Bandara and Dehemi Prasadhini were residents from Elpitiya, Galle who had come to Wellampitiya to attend an alms-giving at a relatives’ house.

Tragically, the alms-giving took place at the houses of the victims of the shooting that took place in Wellampitiya recently. The 13-year-old victims had gone to bathe with their 17-year-old cousin, Sanduni Nimesha, in the ‘Geval Vissa’ inland port in Sedawatte. The three young girls were not aware of the nature of the currents in the area.

A local resident who saw the three girls drown had managed to save 17-year-old Saduni Nimesha. She was rushed to the Colombo National Hospital.

However, the efforts to locate the two other missing girls were futile, after which a search and rescue was launched last evening.

A search led by the Sri Lanka Navy and the Police Diving Unit resulted in the discovery of the lifeless body of Nayomi Bandara.

The Police Divers and the Navy had to  extend their search to the outfall of the Kelani River where  Dehemi Prasadhini’s body was found – three and a half kilometres away from where she was last seen.

The cousins were students of grade eight at the Elkaka Central College in Galle.

According to locals, this part of the river in known to be used for bathing, but is dangerous. They added that a dangerous under-water cliff is located a short distance away from the shore and bathing must be done with caution.

News 1st, following an inspection, discovered that this was nature of several ports on inland waterways on either side of the Kelani River.


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