An everyday hero from Balangoda

An everyday hero from Balangoda

An everyday hero from Balangoda

Written by Staff Writer

03 Jan, 2016 | 9:04 pm

Sometimes, being a hero simply means having the presence of mind to take the right course of action.

We received a report from Balangoda where such quick thinking enabled a young man to save the life of a neighbor.

A young man who climbed a 150 foot tall Jak tree in Balangoda, to trim its branches, had suddenly fainted atop the tree. Another youth, a neighbor, who witnessed the victim’s fate, acted immediately to secure him with a rope.

Later, with the assistance of area residents, the young man who had fainted was lowered to the safety of the ground. Doctors say the lad had fainted due to low blood sugar levels. The quick thinking of his neighbor, no doubt, saved him from a worse fate, possibly even death.

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