Avant Garde Maritime Services Ltd issues media release

Avant Garde Maritime Services Ltd issues media release

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17 Oct, 2015 | 9:21 pm

Avant Garde Maritime Services Limited issued a media release on Saturday with regard to the Merchant Vessel Avant Garde.

The media release was issued bearing the signature of the Head of the Secretariat of Avant Garde Maritime Services , Retired Major General Rohan Kaduwela.

According to the media release, the Merchant Vessel Avant Garde had set sail from Colombo to the Red Sea on  April 7, 2014 with the approval and authorisation of the respective authorities in the government.

It adds that the accountability of weapons in this process was with the staff attached to the Rakna Arakshaka Lanka Limited.

According to the media release, the deriding rhetoric in Sri Lanka had cast a shadow over the stability of its business, and adds that this has caused many clients to take business with Avant Garde elsewhere.

The release notes that when the ship left the Red Sea , the PMSC local agent had submitted a request to DHM Galle and it has entered a wrong name as the captain of the Vessel.

It goes on to say that as arrangements were made to withdraw the floating armoury in the Red Sea and return to Sri Lanka, it had kept all relevant authorities – including the Ministry of Defence and the Sri Lanka Navy  – informed of it. It adds that the contention of the Sri Lanka Navy, that it was unaware of the vessel was in the least, preposterous.

The media release goes on to say that the concepts and operational planning of Avant Garde, conforming to national and international laws and obligations to maintain its legitimacy, are being conducted by many specialists and experts in the field, comprising of two former Navy Commanders, a former director General of the Coast Guard, a former Chief of Staff of the Army, 2 former DlGs, three senior retired civil servants, very senior foreign naval officers; supported by many other very senior and well-respected senior military officers who assure complete accountability and transparency of all Avant Garde activities.

Who are these personnel who have been appointed to assure complete accountability and transparency of all Avant Garde activities?

Meanwhile issues surrounding Avant Garde Security and Rakna Arakshaka Lanka were discussed during the Face the Nation Program aired last evening.

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