Avant Garde floating armoury report will be handed over to Defence Ministry: SL Navy

Avant Garde floating armoury report will be handed over to Defence Ministry: SL Navy

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10 Oct, 2015 | 8:32 pm

The Navy has announced that the investigation report of the Avant Garde floating armoury, anchored in Galle, will be handed over to the Ministry of Defence on Monday.

Speaking to us earlier in the day, the Director General of the Coast Guard Department said they will assist the Navy in its investigations.

The Avant Garde Floating Armoury entered the Sri Lankan contiguous zone on October 5, from Sudan.

Speaking to News 1st, the Navy Commander said that the vessel is now in the custody of the Navy as the skipper of the vessel failed to provide any “credible information.”

A high-ranking spokesperson of the Sri Lanka Navy told News 1st on Saturday that an independent committee will be appointed to continue investigations into the vessel.

The responsibility of enforcing the law in the coastal areas, the territorial waters, and the maritime zones of Sri Lanka, and the high seas is vested with the Coast Guard Department of Sri Lanka.

Director General of the department, Rear Admiral G.D.A.S Wimalatunga stated that coast guard personnel are already assisting in the investigations with regard to the floating armoury.

He added however that he is yet to receive instructions on any future course of action.

The topic was the centre-focus of discussions on the political program Face the Nation on Friday evening. Journalist Faraz Shauketaly, speaking during the programme, said that they have a letter written by Avant Guard to the additional Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, adding that “this is a clear abuse of power.”

Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe speaking during the programme noted that it was the subject of discussion at the last cabinet meeting where several ministers came out and said that they need to finish this investigation and make it known to the public of this country, who are also very anxious to find out the result of this investigation, as to what happened.

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