Concern mounts over roaming elephant on Mattala – Hambantota road

Concern mounts over roaming elephant on Mattala – Hambantota road

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12 Sep, 2015 | 9:57 pm

The wild elephant that was terrorising persons on the Mattala – Hamabantota main road is yet to be driven back in to the wilderness. The Department of Wildlife says that this elephant is on a rampage as a result of the periodic condition know as Musth, a common occurrence among bull elephants.

A three-wheeler met with an accident on this road on Friday, as result of this elephant, seemingly on the rampage.  The persons travelling in the three-wheeler managed to save their lives, owing to the intervention of the drivers of two tipper-trucks that were traveling on the road at that time.

The lone elephant which had been roaming on the road for a long time had stormed into villages on Friday night and had caused damages. This elephant had been roaming the Mattala – Hambantota main road for several days.

Before the Mattala Airport was constructed, the area was a thick forest where elephants used to roam free.However, the development processes had disturbed the habitat of the elephants, causing many changes to the wilderness.

Wildlife officers says the the development activities had taken place right across the elephant pass leading from Lunugamwehera to the Bundala National Park, and as a result several herds of elephants continue to encroach in the forests close to the villages.

A resident from Sungawila, Polonnaruwa was killed in a wild elephant attack early Saturday morning. Wildlife officials said that the victim was attacked when he attempted to chase away the wild pachyderm that was close to his shop. The victim was a 53-year-old father of three.

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