Local farmers request govt to stop importing onions

Local farmers request govt to stop importing onions

Local farmers request govt to stop importing onions

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31 Aug, 2015 | 8:14 pm

Local onion farmers are calling on the government to take steps to ensure that they receive a fair price in the market-place.

Farmers state they have faced various hardships in the recent past as a result of the reduction in prices. The harvesting of onions at the end of the Yala Season has commenced. Local produce in the Yala Season accounts for about 50 to 60 percent of the national demand for onions.

A farmer stated that between 9,000-12,000 kilogrammes of onions are harvested per acre. Six thousand (6,000) or 7,000 kilogrammes were harvested this year due to the rains and low yield of the Indian seeds.

The farmers added that they spend between Rs. 40-45 to produce one kilogramme of onions. A kilogramme of onions at the Dambulla Economic Centre sells for between Rs.70-80.

A businessman stated that Pakistan onions are also available in the market. This variety too sells for between Rs.80-85 at Dambulla. In two weeks, the production across the country would increase and the market would see an influx of onions. Then, if large quantities of the local onions and the imported onions reach markets, there would be a decrease in the price of onions.

Farmers are calling on the government to establish a marketplace where they will receive a fair price. A farmer called upon the new government to stop importing onions and prepare a programme that provides local farmers with a profit.

A local woman also stated that the government should implement a plan to purchase their goods at a reasonable price and requested for equipment necessary for harvesting.

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