When will parliament be dissolved – ministers express views

When will parliament be dissolved – ministers express views

When will parliament be dissolved – ministers express views

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25 Jun, 2015 | 9:16 pm

As the logjam around the 20th amendment builds it seems inevitable that parliament will be dissolved sooner rather than later.The only ”if” that remains is whether the 20th amendment will be passed before fresh elections are called.

Senior government ministers have been repeatedly saying that elections will be held soon. Here is a look at some of those views expressed on Thursday June 25.

Cabinet Media Spokesperson Minister Rajitha Senaratne expressed the following views:

” The requests of the minor parties are very important. but the leaders you speak of aren’t from minor parties. It is difficult for political parties to develop the country. Politicians calculate the benefits they can get by criticising our good governance. That is how I see it and understand it. have they been able to even propose the 20th amendment and create a common stance around it? Everyone was for the 19th amendment because the president’s powers were reduced. Everyone sprung and came forward to support the 19th amendment like heroes to curtail the powers of the president. But when it comes to curtailing their own powers, they start making the calculations. They say that red flags have been raised. But all this must come to an end. we cant just talk back and forth about this everyday. iI am of the firm stance that this should be done, so is the president.”

Deputy Minister of mass media Shantha Bandara said:

” Though the president’s intentions are to pass the 20th amendment to the constitution and dissolve parliament, due to major interference the president will be compelled to dissolve parliament in the near future . We say over and over again, such interferences are completely unfair.”

Minister of Aviation Services Reginald Cooray expressed following views:

” By September a new government will be established. so so you can estimate as to when an election will be held..”

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