News1st visits home of Ragama train accident victims

News1st visits home of Ragama train accident victims

Written by Bella Dalima

05 Feb, 2015 | 10:05 pm

Director of the Ragama Teaching Hospital, Dr. U.M. Samaranayake states that the conditions of both the mother and daughter who were injured in the accident in Batuwaththa, Ragama on Wednesday, are stable.

Meanwhile, the bodies of the father and three children were handed over to their relatives on Thursday evening.

News1st on Thursday visited the home of the unfortunate family of six in Katupitiya, Negombo..

The family of six left their home as per the request of a friend who was a cancer patient who had asked to see the four children and the rest of the family as well.

Accordingly, 51 year old Dharmasiri Rajakulathunga, along with his wife, Thusharika Kulathunga and his children, 21-year-old Anjali Prabuddi, 19-year-old Harsha Tharindu, 14-year-old Lahiru Salinda and the youngest – Tharushika Rajakulathunga left home to visit their friend last afternoon.

Having fulfilled their friend’s request, it is still a mystery as to whether it was a lack of protection along the railway line, or if it was a sense of urgency or even carelessness that prevented this family from returning home safely.

However, when News1st paid a visit to the Batuwaththa level crossing we witnessed that the occurrence of such an incident could have been prevented.

While trains operate from time to time along the two way line, the main Kandana – Ragama railway line that falls across it is now unprotected.

News1st, on previous occasions, exposed the danger of this unprotected railway line.

The accident that occurred in 2011 is a perfect example of this.There, we showed very clearly the importance of a railway gate. As a result of failing to heed the request to construct a protective railway gate, many lives have already been lost.

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