Is Hyperloop the next big revolution in Transportation ?

Is Hyperloop the next big revolution in Transportation ?

Is Hyperloop the next big revolution in Transportation ?

Written by Ramesh Irugalbandara

16 Jan, 2015 | 2:56 pm

Traveling at 600 miles and hour in an intercity tube may seem like science fiction right now, but scientists in USA are working to make this dream a reality.maxresdefault

The concept of a Hyperloop transportation system was first proposed by billionaire Elon musk who was the driving force behind a number of revolutionary projects which include Tesla motors and SpaceX technologies.

Musk proposed of a system which would connect San Francisco with Los Angeles and allow commuters to make the trip which is over 400 miles in less than an hour. The estimated cost for the project was $16billion.

On Thursday Elon Must announced on Twitter to build a test track for the high speed Hyperloop system, most likely in Texas.


What is Hyperloop?

In concept the hyperloop system would allow passengers to zoom in pods through systems of tubes at speeds of at least 600 miles per hour, which would easily outpace current high-speed rail systems. The hyperloop system would incorporate reduced-pressure tubes in which capsules ride on a cushion of air that is driven by a combination of linear induction motors and air compressors.

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A crowd-sourced group of approximately 100 engineers, called Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, is currently endeavoring to move the concept forward, intending to produce a technical feasibility study in 20
Hyperloop, could potentially revolutionize the transportation industry. The timeline for building the test track is unclear, with Musk only specifying that it’s coming “soon.”

Based on Musk’s tweets, students will be building Hyperloop pods. Musk even used the tem pod racers conjuring up images from Star Wars, with builders testing out their concept vehicles on the Texas track.


If successful hyperloop may turn science fiction into reality …

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