International forces will not be allowed to destabilise the nation – says President

International forces will not be allowed to destabilise the nation – says President

Written by Bella Dalima

02 Dec, 2014 | 7:24 pm

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says that foreign forces will not be allowed to destabilise the nation.

The Head of State made this comment at an event in Colombo on Tuesday.

The handing over of Mahapola Scholarships to university students for the academic year 2012/2013 took place at the Shalika Hall in Narahenpita on Tuesday.  President Mahinda Rajapaksa presided at the occasion and presented the scholarships to the recipients.

The budget increased the Mahapola Scholarship monthly allowance per student to Rs.4000  and according to the President’s Media Unit,  45,000 students will become beneficiaries of the fund.

At the event, the  President shared the following views:

[quote]What I request from you is this. Expedite your education activities and enter society. There were times when students used to stay in universities for years and years. What happens with every passing year is that the service you owe your nation is postponed. Give priority to your education. Think independently. You need to become a revolutionary. However, you must also focus on your country. You have the right and strength to think. However, I believe that you must also act, thinking of your future and the future of the country .[/quote]

Speaking further, President Rajapaksa added that an economy cannot be built from a destabilised nation.

[quoteDevelopment cannot be reversed. It needs to move forward. We cannot allow a country to be destabilised. We are aware how powerful nations in the world destabilised other countries. Look at Libya, Egypt, the Middle East and Iraq. They were destroyed by powerful nations. This is not something new. Therefore, I firmly believe that you must not allow international forces to destabilise your nation .[/quote]



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