Koslande Landslide: Dinesh Gunawardena makes special statement in Parliament

Koslande Landslide: Dinesh Gunawardena makes special statement in Parliament

Written by Bella Dalima

30 Oct, 2014 | 9:53 pm

Chief Government Whip Dinesh Gunawardena made a special statement in Parliament on Thursday on the Koslanda landslide.

[quote]This tragedy has claimed the lives of 330 people of 57 families living in 63 homes situated along six lines of estate homes. Moreover, a community centre, two dairy collecting centres, a Hindu Kovil, two grocery stores, a calling centre and three official estate residences were destroyed. Seventy five (75) children of families who fell victim to the landslide survived as they were in school while 100 other persons who left for work at the time of the incident also survived.[/quote]

He added:

[quote]Relief efforts for those affected are already underway. While the government has taken the responsibility to bear all costs for performing the final rites of those who lost their lives, specialist teams have been dispatched to state hospitals in the area to treat the wounded under the directive of the health minister. The government is also taking measures to supply items such as food, clothing, sanitary items and other basic needs to those housed in relief camps. The President has announced that the government will take full responsibility of the 75 children who were orphaned by the tragedy in terms of ensuring their safety and other needs for their future.[/quote]

[quote]This area was identified as a landslide prone area by the National Building Research Organization in 2005 which also recommended that the 75 families living there be relocated and that the area be declared a reserve. In 2011 the NBRO issued a report confirming its recommendation. Thereby, the District Secretary reported that relief was given to 35 families by providing alternative lands for the construction of homes. However, those who were provided with these lands continued to reside in the lands that were given as well as the landslide prone area which resulted in them falling victim to the landslide.[/quote]  he said.




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