Harsha de Silva points out salient facts on television broadcast technology

Harsha de Silva points out salient facts on television broadcast technology

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Sep, 2014 | 10:12 pm

Addressing Parliament on Tuesday,  UNP Parliamentarian Harsha de Silva shared these thoughts on television broadcast technology.

[quote]In 2011, the then Secretary to the Ministry of Mass Media Ganegala stated that a decision was reached to introduce the DVBT2 technology to Sri Lanka by 2015, and that all television channels should make the switch from analog to digital by 2015. They spent a sum of 70 million ruppees on the Kokavil Tower and when it was declared open the President said that we would be migrating to the DVBT2 technology. A national road map team was set up consisting of individuals from the TRC, Ministry of Defence, the Moratuwa University, SLRC, ITN, EAP network, MTV Channels and Dialog television.

A road map was created, I would like to submit this to the parliament. It is clearly stated in this report that the technology selected was DVBT2. This technology was introduced by the European Union. One hundred and thirty four countries have currently tied up with this technology. Some institutions have already invested in these equipment with cabinet approval in order to make the transition in 2015.

Then all of a sudden after the arrival of the Japanese Prime Minister, they announce that they have plans to switch to the ISDBT technology which is based in Japan. It was stated in the papers that this will be introduced through a 13 billion yen loan. Was this debated broadly? Did you seek professional opinions ? Was it discussed with them? Then, why did the government change the technology that they had earlier agreed to . This should not be politicised. Yes. Japan has aided us but we must see which technology betters aids us to develop the country .[/quote]



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