Siphoning of water in Hambantota causes ripples in farming communities

Siphoning of water in Hambantota causes ripples in farming communities

Written by Bella Dalima

15 Aug, 2014 | 10:15 pm

Thousands of acres of paddy land in the Hambantota district are facing a threat of destruction due to the illegal siphoning of water.  The farmers who use water from the Madu Aara and the water that flows through the Malala Aara are facing this crisis.

The Malala Aara carries water from the  Madu Aara located in the Udawalawa National Park in the Uva Province to the Bandagiriya tank in the Hambantota district.

Traditional paddy farmers make use of this water as it flows down the Malala Aara which spans nearly 25 kilometres. However, settlers from other areas have begun large scale cultivation on either sides of the  Malala Aara.

A water crisis has erupted as a result of these farmers using large pumps to draw out water from the Malala Aara. As the water that flows from the Malala Aara dried up midway, the Bandagiriya tank is now facing the risk of drying up.

Incidentally the Malala Aara also supplies water to hotels that have been constructed in the tank reserve. Nearly 800 acres of paddy land which traditionally rely on water from the Bandagiriya tank are facing an imminent risk of being destroyed ..

Farmers are calling on officials to put a stop to the illegal siphoning of water using political influence.

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