Civil Aviation Authority calls for report on training aircraft accident

Civil Aviation Authority calls for report on training aircraft accident

Written by Bella Dalima

14 Jun, 2014 | 10:41 pm

An incident where the tyre of an aircraft used to train new pilots fell off in midair was reported on Saturday.

However, the pilot was able to land the aircraft safely at the Ratmalana Airport with the support of the air traffic control centre at the airport.

The incident occurred over the Southern Expressway, when the aircraft belonging to a pilot training school took off on a routing trip.

According to the Air force Spokesperson Wing Commander Gihan Seneviratne, the aircraft that faced this bizarre incident was a Cessna-152, used primarily for flight training.

The wheel had fallen in the Paragastota area along the Southern Expressway.

Eyewitness shared these views:

[quote]We were travelling from Kalutara to Kottawa and we entered the expressway from Dodamgoda. Five or six kilometers into our journey, we heard a plane fly past us. The tyre came loose when the plane banked left. The tyre fell on the other side of the road. A car traveling towards Galle managed to stop in time to avoid the tyre. We informed the highway security about this .[/quote]

A resident expressed these views:

[quote]I saw a plane flying very low at around 10 or 11 a.m., I thought something must be wrong. Later I got to know that there was a tyre which came loose from the aircraft, next to the expressway .[/quote]

According to the Police Media Unit, the tyre had fallen in close proximity to the 18.9 kilometre-post in the area between Galanigama and Galle. The area comes under the purview of the Millaniya Police. The tyre of the aircraft has been taken to the Millaniya Police for further investigations.

Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority has called for a report on the incident.

Director General of the Authority H.M. C. Nimalasiri noted that officials have travelled to the location and are conducting investigations.

Preliminary investigations, which were headed by the chief investigator of the authority, have already concluded.

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