Police recover second largest drug haul in Sri Lanka

Police recover second largest drug haul in Sri Lanka

Written by Bella Dalima

12 Jun, 2014 | 9:13 pm

Two suspects were arrested in the Biyagama area Thursday along with 85 kilogrammes of Heroin.

Police Media Spokesperson SSP Ajith Rohana noted that the suspects were arrested in an operation carried out by the Police Special Task Force.

According to the police, this is the second largest drug haul recovered in Sri Lanka.

The suspects were arrested in the Biyagama area, and a hybrid car in which they were traveling was also taken into the custody of the STF.

The drugs had been assorted in 25 packs of 3 kilogrammes, 10 packs of 1 kilogramme and a 1, 500-gramme pack.

The arrested suspects are residents of the Maradana and Kotahena areas.

Meanwhile, a journalist questioned SSP Ajith Rohana about this incident. He shared these following views in response:

“We received the tip-off from an informant who had been feeding us information for a long time. Following three months of investigations and raids, the Police STF was able to learn that the main drug smugglers would be transporting their drugs on the Biyagama-Kelaniya route yesterday,” he said.

Nearly 40 STF officers in both official and civilian attire took part in the raid. As our informant said, two individuals who arrived in a three-wheeler approached a hybrid vehicle, one person boarded it while the other went back to the three-wheeler and followed the car.

STF officers who were in uniform stopped the car along the Biyagama-Kelaniya road in close proximity to Kelaniya and searched the hybrid vehicle. The officers were able to discover what seemed to be drugs. It was later confirmed that the substance discovered was Heroin.

Two suspects were also arrested. The arrested suspects will be handed over to the Police Narcotics Bureau, along with the drug haul. Investigations will continue thereafter.


Journalist : If there is some politician behind this, will you arrest him?

SSP Rohana: Investigations have not revealed any such connection. I have clearly stated before as well. Whoever is involved in such incidents will be arrested. There is no pressure on the police.

Journalist: If a politician is involved ?

SSP: Even if a politician is involved and we have been able to gather evidence, then there is no pressure on us not to arrest them. This information is only privy to the informant of the STF. We commend him for helping us bring down the drug trade in Sri Lanka. A special prize money will also be awarded to him. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal who he is. We will be presenting a sizable cash prize to him in the future.

Journalist : However, there was a incident about a drugs container to which the prime minister’s name was also involved. However, nothing was given to the informant who provided these details. He has even abandoned his house because of safety concerns. His name has leaked; what do you have to say about this ?

SSP : I believe that the Police Anti-Narcotics Unit received the tip- off from the Customs Authority. Usually if we receive a successful tip-off, we pay half of the reward money before the case is concluded in court; we pay the remainder once the case is over. I will look into this and make an official statement.

Journalist : The informant had faced a number of threats and had met with police officers attached to the Intelligence Unit and the Anti-Narcotics Unit. They have said in an inquiry that this operation was carried out with the Customs Department, isolating this man. He has not received any reward as well.

SSP : I will look into this matter. If such a situation has occurred, we will do everything we can to provide relief to him

Journalist : What about the investigations into whether Deputy Minister Hemal’s vehicle number plates are false or not ?

SSP : There have been issues about the number plate of the vehicle. We are comparing the chassis numbers as well as the engine numbers. Investigations are continuing.






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