GCE A/L Exam under scrutiny as allegations of interference surface

GCE A/L Exam under scrutiny as allegations of interference surface

Written by Bella Dalima

31 May, 2014 | 10:18 pm

On Sunday Action TV revealed certain discrepancies that are said to have taken place during the preparation of examination question papers which is purported to be done in a secure manner.

This was based on a letter written to the Examinations Commissioner by 39 university lecturers including ten professors who have been involved in compiling the Advanced Level Economics paper for quite some time.

A copy of this letter was also forwarded to the President.

This letter charges that the Commissioner General of Examinations is conducting examinations based on political agendas and cites one instance where the Minister of Education intervened through the Head of the National Institute of Education, when the final revision was made on the new syllabus for Advanced Level Economics.

The letter also charges that the Minister intervened when the marking scheme for the 2012 Advanced Level Economics paper was being developed.

If public confidence on the Examinations Department is to be restored, then the Examinations Department should provide a proper clarification with regard to these allegations.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Examiners Board which compiled last year’s Advanced Level Business Studies paper charges that the Examinations Commissioner gave several question to be included in the question paper.

According to this letter, the university lecturers have been able to overcome the pressure exerted when compiling the economics paper while Dr. Jagath Bandaranayake noted that the panel compiling the 2013 Advanced Level Business Studies question paper had been able to disregard the questions handed in by the Examinations Commissioner.

This move made by these lecturers shows their character as well as their commitment to make examinations fair, credible and to maintain the secrecy of question papers.

Doesn’t this letter as well as the comments expressed by Dr. Jagath Bandaranayake prove that a need has arisen for an expert intervention the likes of which was done during the Z-score crisis.



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