Raw satellite data on MH370 to be released: Malaysian government

Raw satellite data on MH370 to be released: Malaysian government

Raw satellite data on MH370 to be released: Malaysian government

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26 May, 2014 | 4:41 pm

British satellite company Inmarsat is to release its raw data surrounding the final moments of flight MH370, the Malaysian government has said.

The company used the data to work out the northern and southern corridors earlier in the search in a bid to work out where it went missing.

Further analysis of the information suggested the plane came down in the current search area in the southern Indian Ocean.

The data will be released tomorrow so that it can be digested by the public, according to the New Straits Times .

Acting transport minister Hishammuddin Hussein said: “This is what I have been told and that it will be released tomorrow.”

The current search area was identified using a 19th century physics discovery – the doppler effect

Explaining how the AAIB and Inmarsat had helped pinpoint the aircraft’s last known location using a technique that had never been used before, he said experts used the “doppler effect” – similar to the sound of a car changing as it passes by to help work out an arc of possible positions the plane was in.

Examiners studied how long it took for signals to bounce off a satellites and return to listening stations on earth to work out its speed and direction. After the final signal was recieved the they calculated the area where the plane must have gone down.

This communication to ground stations via a satellite has been referred to as “handshakes”.

From the ground station log it was established that after the plane’s ACARS system stopped sending messages, six complete handshakes took place.

The position of the satellite is known, and the time that it takes the signal to be sent and received, via the satellite, to the ground station can be used to establish the range of the aircraft from the satellite.

This information was used to generate arcs of possible positions from which the Northern and Southern corridors were established.


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