Judges’ verdict comes into play as Sirasa Super Stars shine

Judges’ verdict comes into play as Sirasa Super Stars shine

Written by Bella Dalima

22 May, 2014 | 11:03 pm

The judges of Sirasa Super Star have been granted the opportunity to have their say when selecting the winners of Super Star in the final round of the competition.

Thereby, 40% of the decision will be based on the verdict of the  judges. This decision was taken to address the concerns of viewers about the possibility of irregularities taking place

Round 6 of Sirasa Super Star is currently underway.  Four contestants have been selected for the finals. In addition to these contestants, three contestants who were chosen through the wild card round are also expected to contest during the finals.

However, this move to bring back some contestants through a wild card round came under much criticism by the four contests who were selected for the finals,  and their supporters.

A heated argument also arose during the telecast of the contest in the past few days.

Gayan Arosha, Harsha Chathuranga, Nuwan Bulathsinhela and Mudhitha Jayakody were selected via S.M.S votes to the final round of the competition while Chamara Prasad, Tehani Imara and Kanishka Shalinda were brought back to the competition through the wild card round.

The production crew of Sirasa Super star which condemned the intervention of external forces stated that they will not deviate from their decision.

The Sirasa Super Star production crew which is dedicated to  ensurign that the competitors are judged  in a fair manner in order to claim victory of  the prize of Rs.10 million, have made many revisions to the system of selecting contestants.

Thereby,  only ten SMS votes will be allowed via each telephone number in the future. Forty (40) percent of the final outcome will be based on the judges’ verdict.

The production crew of Sirasa Super Star, with their dedication and professionalism, will crown the true winner of the contest and give what is due to whom it is due, by eradicating all external influences and challenges that come their way .


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