Three including member of Hambantota PS injured in clash

Three including member of Hambantota PS injured in clash

Written by Bella Dalima

28 Mar, 2014 | 10:25 pm

Three persons including a member of the Hambantota Pradeshiya Sabha were injured in a clash that broke out between two groups in Ambalantota on Thursday night.

Police say that the clash broke out when an argument over a road accident that occurred in the Ambalantota town on Thursday evening, escalated.

The accident occurred when a van travelling from Ambalantota to Tangalle, collided with another vehicle travelling
in the opposite direction. The two groups travelling in the vehicles had  got into an argument at the location.

One of the persons involved in the accident said that Hambantota Pradeshiya Sabha member, Kasun Dulanjana arrived at the scene during the argument. Police say that the Pradeshiya Sabha member was attacked with a sharp weapon during the clash.

He was admitted to the Hambantota General Hospital.

The Pradeshiya Sabha member was then transferred to the National Hospital in Colombo, where a hospital spokesperson said that his condition had taken a turn for the better.

When an individual arrested by the police in connection with the incident was brought to the Police station, the Mayor of Hambantota too had arrived to the location.

Mayor of Hambantota, Eraj Ravindra Fernando said: “I went to the Hambantota Police to request that they apprehend this group. A group had gathered in front of the police station. I was told that Kasun had attacked someone and that he was later stabbed with a knife. So. I said that knives do not materialise instantly for someone to be stabbed. Kasun is an innocent man.”

A victim of the assault said: “While I was writing down the complaint at the police, he came to the reserve and  asked me if I was ‘Chootiya’ and then proceeded to beat me. He hit me in the face and I fell off the chair and hit my head. There were about ten of them who kicked me and then assaulted me while taking me to their vehicle.”

Eraj Ravindra Fernando said: “An individual who was either aware or unaware of who I was, attacked me. Persons accompanying me then hit him back. That was all that happened. There is no problem with the police. The OIC came to the road and asked us to leave and we left.”

Another victim of the assault said: “The police ran to my assistance and they attacked the police too. They even attacked the OIC. The police fired shots in the air and rescued me.”

Eraj Ravindra Fernando said: “I completely reject this allegation. I do not know anything about shots being fired. There was nothing of the sort. I left that place, came home, ate and slept. There was an argument and such an incident on the road. I do not know who the groups were, they were all in civvies.. If they were from the police then they should have been in uniform for us to know. The police did not do any wrong by us and we have not done any wrong as far as I am concerned.”

The police say that investigations into this incident are underway.



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