Premachandran says events in arrest of Kilinochchi mother and daughter were orchestrated by govt.

Premachandran says events in arrest of Kilinochchi mother and daughter were orchestrated by govt.

Written by Bella Dalima

15 Mar, 2014 | 9:06 pm

A media briefing was organised by the Civil Monitoring Commission on Saturday to create awareness on the arrest of a mother and daughter in the Kilinochchi area recently.

TNA MP, Suresh Premachandran expressed these views;

“One Mrs. Balendran Jayakumari – two of her sons were missing and  Mrs. Balendran Jayakumari and her daughter Vibushika – she’s 14 years old – they were agitating to ask the government to find their son. But day before yesterday, the  13th of this month, some police personnel went to her house. They were on the road, one young man in a black uniform – he jumped over the wall and went into her house.”

“Immediately after, the daughter and mother came to the road , when they were coming to the road, there was a police jeep, with some police in uniform and some in civil, they had asked her, what is your name. When someone was asking the name, some police went inside. When they went inside, they heard a firing sound, nobody knows who they are and who fired at whom. But the police to the judge…… that there was an LTTE guy, when we went there, there is a metal detector and some leaflets were there….”

“So we (are strongly made to) strongly feel that there is an LTTE guy in that house and that fellow shot a police personnel and the police person got injured in the leg and the hand. While the Geneva sessions are going on, the Government wants to show to the world that there are still LTTEers.

“Actually this is a drama orchestrated by the government and the army and the police. Immediately they invited 500 army.They surrounded the whole area , they searched all the buses and vehicles and everything. But till today they could not find that LTTE man. But they have taken that lady and daughter and the lady was taken to Boosa and the child, the fourteen year old girl, she is in the children’s home in Kilinochchi.”

Convener of Civil Monitoring Commission, Mano Ganeshan expressed his views;

“Mrs. Jayakumari sent a letter to the Civil Monitoring Commission around three weeks ago stating that she was being tailed by a group of unidentified persons and that they are looking into her. They were frightened that she would go to Geneva and provide evidence. We will not allow terrorism to raise its head in the country once again.”

“We have on need for it as well.  There is drug terrorism and ethanol terrorism in the country today, instead of the government searching for solutions to these issues they have arrested this innocent mother and daughter and taken them to Vavuniya for investigations …”

Sirithunga Jayasuriya said: “Even David Cameron responsible for this girl because she met with him and handed over a letter to him. She is now being kept in custody. We are raising our voices to call for justice for this mother and daughter.”

Azad Sally commenting on the incident said: “The government says an LTTE member was inside the house and he shot them. Then this mother and daughter had been living with an LTTE member. The government says that there is no more terrorism in the North. Five years after the war how did a terrorist appear all of a sudden ..”


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