Dehiwala store robbery captured on CCTV (View footage)

Dehiwala store robbery captured on CCTV (View footage)

Written by Staff Writer

18 Feb, 2014 | 10:30 pm

Footage of a robbery which occurred on the night of February 13 by two individuals inside a store in Dehiwala has been captured by security cameras of the store.

The shop-owner said that around Rs.300,000  was stolen. A complaint has been lodged with the Dehiwala Police regarding the theft.

Close circuit television cameras or CCTV footage set up at the store in question showed the two suspects wearing helmets entering the store after parking their red motorcycle on the street at 10.21 p.m. on February 13.

The shop owner said that he was not at the store at the time of the incident but added that a relative and five others were inside the shop at the time of the robbery.

The footage had captured an object, similar to a firearm, in the possession of one of the suspect’s while the footage also gives an indication on how the employees were threatened by the other suspect.

The security camera footage shows one of the suspect’s at the cash register and the other attacking the relative of the shop owner. The burglars had taken a mere 84 seconds to complete their task and had fled the store at 10.23 p.m.

The shop owner said that although they could not identify English letters on the number plate of the motorcycle – they were able to provide information on the four numbers of the number plate to the police.

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