Kindelpitiya lodges complaints about stalkers making inquiries

Kindelpitiya lodges complaints about stalkers making inquiries

Written by Bella Dalima

10 Jan, 2014 | 8:40 pm

The Kolonnawa Electorate Chief Organiser of the Democratic Party Susil Kindelpitiya lodged a complaint with the Police Headquarters and several other institutions on Friday.

He made these complaints over an incident where two unknown persons had been inquiring about his details from a number of persons. Susil Kindelpitiya arrived at the Police Headquarters on Friday morning and handed over a written complaint to the Inspector General of Police. Later Kindelpitiya made a complaint to the Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission.

Copies of the complaint were also sent to the OIC of the Wellampitiya Police and the Attorney General.Democratic Party Chief Organizer of Kolonnawa Electorate, Susil Kindelpitiya shared his views;

“Through reliable sources I have got to know that these two individuals who had arrived on Thursday had inquired about me from the Grama Seva Officer. They had requested for my electoral list. They had obtained it; taken some details from it and asked more about me. He had revealed some information and he had also denied any knowledge of certain other information. I have my doubts over these persons and the inquiries they have made.”

He added; “The entire country knows about Susil Kindelpitiya. I am amazed that some do not know of me. There is absolutely no reason not to know because I am a journalist and a politician. There is no reason to send people to inquire about me. Because of the suspicions I had, I made a written complaint to the IGP this morning. My family is disturbed because of this incident. I fear that politics may have a role behind this …”


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