IUSF Convener held in Nawagamuwa following arrest

IUSF Convener held in Nawagamuwa following arrest

IUSF Convener held in Nawagamuwa following arrest

Written by Amani Nilar

24 Aug, 2022 | 10:43 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st): Attorney-at-Law Nuwan Bopage made a revelation that the Convener of the Inter University Students Federation (IUSF), Wasantha Mudalige was kept at the Nawagamuwa Temple shortly after his arrest.

Attorney-at-Law, Nuwan Bopage, after meeting with Mudalige at the Tangalle detention center stated that no information regarding Mudalige was able for several hours into his detention on 21st of August, at which point he was being kept at the Nawagamuwa Temple until further instructions from higher authorities.

Therefore, Bopage said that it is clear that all such actions are being taken to end the social role played by the Inter-University Student Union's in the political and social spheres, and to conduct investigations to the point of banning the IUSF.

Wasantha Mudalige, Hashan Gunathikala and Ven. Galwewa Siridhamma Thero were taken to the Tangalle Detention Center after the President signed orders for the detention of the three activists for 90 days under the Prevention of Terrorism Act (PTA).

Attorney-at-Law Bopage said that only Mudalige remained at the Tangella detention center, as the other two detainees were taken to Colombo for further investigations.

After consulting with Mudalige with regard to the interrogation which he went through, Attorney-at-Law Bopage said that Mudalige alleged that he was being questioned according to a certain script, and has said that the IUSF's role contributed to the success of many recent protests, including the protests on 8th of April, the protest in front of the Prime Minister's residence, the two-day protest near the Parliament, as well as the protest in front of the World Trade Center and the protest held on July 8th, the day before the July 9th protest.

In these interrogations, the authorities have come to the conclusion that this kind of social struggle would not have arisen without the IUSF, Mudalige has said.

However, Mudalige has refused to answer many questions on the grounds that he was detained under the Prevention of Terrorism which in itself was an illegal detention and due to the fact that his questions were scripted.

Attorney at Law Bopage added that Mudalige hopes to present any facts before a court in accordance with the principles of natural justice, and that he has not been subject to any physical torture, with the exception of mental distress.


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