The Government’s real face was revealed: MP Sarath Fonseka

The Government’s real face was revealed: MP Sarath Fonseka

The Government’s real face was revealed: MP Sarath Fonseka

Written by Amani Nilar

22 Jul, 2022 | 5:44 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The masks of the new Government came off and their real faces were revealed during the raid on GotaGoGama early on Friday (22), says Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP, Sarath Fonseka.

Speaking to the media, the MP said that the protestors, who represented the needs of the people of Sri Lanka, were raided by security forces, not a day after the new President assumed duties.

Recalling that the new President did call for every concerned party to unite for a change, the MP said that he too was on a similar stance, until early morning today, and emphasized that the party condemns the path which the President is on, in addition to his future agenda.

“These youths at Galle Face initiated a path forward under the name of ‘Aragalaya’, however, it is not simply limited to merely a number of heads at GotaGoGama, but includes the voices of all oppressed people,” he said.

However, instead of providing a solution, the current President attempts to undermine the issues which are plaguing the people by oppression and militarization, Fonseka said.

He appealed to the international community to observe the actions being carried out by the President against the people of Sri Lanka and emphasizes that the international community should take all steps possible against such a President, and prioritize the protection of the people above all.

“I also want to tell Police and tri-forces to keep in mind that their commanding officer is instructing them with the actions taken in 1980s and 1970s, without respect for independence, human rights and democratic world which is in place today,” He said, adding that the Police and Tri-forces should not participate in any attempts taken to repress the people of the country.

MP Sarath Fonseka also pointed out that sending armed forces to confront unarmed, innocent civilians should be forbidden, and only Police should be used to curb such protests instead of the Tri-forces.

“You are not there to protect corrupt politicians. You are here to protect the people. You come from among the people, therefore do not forget your priorities,” he added.

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