Family of four take turns to have a meal, as economic crisis takes it toll

by Amani Nilar 19-06-2022 | 7:46 AM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Life in rural Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly difficult amidst the economic crisis, and some need more than the usual help to survive their day-to-day life. 

A small clay hut is home to Sumith Kumara, his wife and three children in a remote area. This clay hut can barely withstand a heavy downpour, which places the lives of this family at risk.

Sumith Kumara cannot feed his family anymore as he stares upon a bleak future as an epilepsy patient.

This leaves his wife to earn a living and feed the family.

Speaking to News 1st, she stated that it had become difficult for her to feed her children, and most days, they barely get to eat a single meal at times.

"It is hard to live. We don't have a proper job and I cannot feed my children," left with no other option, she laments.

At times, the parents have no option but to stay hungry as they feed their children, and vice versa, as not all members of the family can afford to eat at the same time.

But on many days, these children, who just stopped weaning milk off their mother, remain hungry as well.

The stories of families like this, remains as the brutal yet unforgiving reality for many in rural Sri Lanka.