GotaGoGama marks one month

GotaGoGama marks one month

GotaGoGama marks one month

Written by Amani Nilar

08 May, 2022 | 11:39 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); GotaGoGama marks one month to date (8), while the Galle Face Green has developed into a vibrant place with the addition of many features, including a functioning first aid tent, a library and lavatories, among many other facilities. 

Protestors established the township with working toilets, phone charging points, entertainment, a shop, and even a library, and with volunteer musicians turning up during the day and performing to the crowd, with rock concerts planned over the next few days as well.

On April 12th one of Sri Lankans’ most revered songstresses, Nanda Malini, turned up and sang songs of change and inspiration to the young crowd.

GotaGoGama was maintained properly, with cleaning shifts ensure garbage and litter is disposed of quickly and efficiently. The tone and energy increase after hours, with music and dancing becoming part and parcel of the scene.

As the economy was put in a tailspin over the past several months, the shortages of essential items and fuel, and debilitating power cuts brought ordinary Sri Lankans to the streets, with protests erupting across all parts of the island. But the eyes of the world have remained focused on Galle Face Green, where ‘GotaGoGama’ seems to be the rallying point for the youth against a system they demand is changed.  

Even after one month, the rallying cry remains the same, demanding for the Government, including the President and the Prime Minister to resign.

This establishment also spread around the country, with branches of GotaGoGama popping up in Badulla, Kandy and Galle.

In addition, ‘MainaGoGama’ and ‘HoruGoGama’ became the latest additions to the mix, with public willing to spend many nights keeping shifts and protecting their own.

GotaGoGama also faced many hurdles of its own, with Police attempting to remove structures and at a certain point, the protestors extending a helping hand to their own brother and sister Sri Lankans at ‘MainaGoGama’ with tents.

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