Prices of essential items up by 140% since 1st of January 2022

Prices of essential items up by 140% since 1st of January 2022

Written by Zulfick Farzan

28 Apr, 2022 | 7:57 am

COLOMBO (News 1st); The cost of essential goods increased between 60 and 140% since the 1st of January 2022, and Central bank data show that food inflation in March had reached 29.5 percent.

Food inflation until October 2021 stood at less than 10 percent. However, the food inflation levels do not reflect the increase in the cost of many non-food items.

Since the 1st of January;

Price of Octane 92 petrol has gone up by Rs. 161/-, reflecting a 91%

Price of Diesel had gone up by Rs. 168-/, a 139% increase from the cost in January.

The cost of a 12.5 kilogram cylinder has risen by 77%.

A kilogram of sugar that was Rs.147/- on January 1st now stands at more than Rs. 260/-.

The cost of a kilogram of dhal had gone up by about Rs. 300/- during this period.

The cost of a kilogram of samba rice had increased by Rs. 87/- up to Rs. 240/-.

A 400 gram packet of milk powder has increased by more than Rs. 310/- and wheat flour by more than Rs.134/-.

A loaf of bread now costs Rs. 83/-, although some bakers sell at over Rs. 100/-.

Cement which costed Rs. 1,275/- is now being sold at Rs. 2,850/-.

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