Diesel consumption up by 4,500 MT

Diesel consumption up by 4,500 MT

Diesel consumption up by 4,500 MT

Written by Teena Marian

09 Apr, 2022 | 1:22 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); The Ministry of Energy reveals that the daily Diesel consumption increased by 4,500 MT.

According to the Ministry, daily fuel consumption has averaged 5,500 metric tons for the three months since December.

However, the Ministry pointed out that the daily usage of Diesel has exceeded 8,000 MT.

The Ministry further said that the demand by the people has increased in comparison to the quantity of Diesel supplied for power generation.

The Ministry of Energy pointed out that in the current situation the Government has to spend USD $500 Mn for the monthly fuel requirement.

The Ministry said that another vessel carrying another 37,500 MT of Diesel will arrive in Sri Lanka on the 15th of April under the Indian credit facility.

Meanwhile, the daily demand for Kerosene has also increased to 800 MT.

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