UN Secy General’s Special Rep commends SL Soldiers

UN Secy General’s Special Rep commends SL Soldiers

UN Secy General’s Special Rep commends SL Soldiers

Written by Zulfick Farzan

10 Mar, 2022 | 10:26 am

MALI (News 1st); The special Representative of the UN Secretary-General E.I Ghassim Wane has commenced the bravery and professionalism displayed by Sri Lankan soldiers who are part of the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

“Clearly, your Combat Convoy Company (CCC) has distinguished itself as among the best of our best. I congratulate all the Sri Lanka soldiers of the 3rd Combat Convoy Company of Sri Lanka in the medal parade of the MINSUMA,” he said during the medal parade held on 11th February in Mali before the CCC leaves shortly upon completion of their assignment.

“Since your deployment last year, you have carried out nine convoys. You have never declined to conduct a task and shown readiness to face any challenge. Let me mention here, Operation Northern Gate – a reconnaissance mission of the root between Tessalit and the border of Algeria – which you conducted last year. This operation, as you know, is part of MINUSMA’s efforts to diversify its supply routes, and reduce the security risk confronting our peacekeepers. As some of you are aware, I followed the operation very closely as we waded into unchartered territory, and I thank you for the bravery and professionalism with which you conducted this task”, he added.

“For a peacekeeper, it is the ultimate honour to be bestowed with a medal in recognition of service rendered in the pursuit of peace. I am privileged and fortunate to be part of this occasion today. Colleagues, you have completed almost 9 months here in Mali. In a few more months, you will return home to your proud families and friends”, he said.

“As we gather here, I cannot but also recall the memory of your colleagues who lost their life here and those who have been injured. I am aware that this Medal Parade was supposed to take place a few weeks ago in the presence of three Senior Generals of the Sri Lankan Army who travelled to Mali for the occasion. Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event had to be postponed”.

“However, I met with your leadership in Bamako, and I praised your Company for its professionalism and the exceptional work you have done. Your Force Commander also conveyed his high regard for the excellent tactics and mindset with which you have carried out your duties”.

“You are one of the Combat Convoy Companies entrusted with escorting logistic convoys, ensuring freedom of movement along our main supply routes, and ensuring logistic autonomy of especially Sectors East and North. This is not an easy task. The terrain is unforgiving, and the security environment is demanding. I am proud to say that Sri Lankan peacekeepers have achieved a lot of success while carrying out their duties and responsibilities under MINUSMA and have met the expectations of the MINUSMA leadership. I congratulate you all and want to reiterate again my dedication to always support and ensure the support of the Mission leadership for the accomplishment of your tasks. I wish all of you success in the completion of your mission and wish you all the best in your future endeavors”, he concluded.

Source: Sri Lanka Army

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