Patrols in Yala to prevent Wild Elephant attacks

Mobile patrols inside Yala to prevent skirmishes with wild elephants

by Zulfick Farzan 13-02-2022 | 11:42 AM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Sri Lanka's Department of Wildlife has deployed two mobile patrols to take measures to prevent wild elephants from attacking safari jeeps inside the Yala National Park.

The Department of Wildlife said that over the recent days several safari jeeps were attacked by the majestic tuskers knowns as Gamunu and Nandimitra.

These two tuskers had reportedly attacked two safari jeeps on Friday and another Safari Jeep was attacked by a different tusker as well.

The Department of Wildlife noted that safari jeep drivers were made aware of the situation.

A Safari Jeep was crushed inside the Yala National Park on Wednesday (9) following an unexpected skirmish with the majestic tusker, Nandimitra.

The jeep was carrying four French nationals and came under attack from Nandimitra at around 10:30 AM on Wednesday (9).

According to reports, another Safari Jeep had tipped the driver of the ill-fated jeep that the tusker was roaming in the Welmalkema area, and thus the jeep with the four French tourists had proceeded to that area.

Upon reaching the location the Safari Jeep had come face to face with the tusker along a narrow road, and due to this reason, the driver had not been able to turn back.

The Officer in charge of the Yala National Park Manoj Vidyaratne told News 1st that such events can be prevented if tourists and jeep drivers visit the park and enjoy its beauty WITHOUT disturbing the wildlife.

Similar attacks by wild elephants were reported from the Yala National Park and other National Parks in Sri Lanka over the years, solely due to the wild elephants being disturbed by tourists.