Protest against wrongful arrest in Midigama; STF called in to control crowds

Protest against wrongful arrest in Midigama; STF called in to control crowds

Protest against wrongful arrest in Midigama; STF called in to control crowds

Written by Amani Nilar

23 Jan, 2022 | 7:52 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); A tense situation arose at the Midigama Police station on Sunday (23), when relatives of a suspect linked to a shooting protested against his arrest.

The relatives accused the Police of remanding the suspect over charges of possessing a hand grenade.

The suspect’s spouse was seen at the scene, and alleged that the Police arrested her husband instead of arresting the real criminal, and mentioned that the Police placed a hand grenade near him and imprisoned him, after taking him to record a statement.

The crowd that gathered at the scene also alleged that the Police solicit bribes from criminals and imprison the innocent.

The sibling of the arrested man alleged that his brother, who was asleep, was taken away while the real criminal roams freely. He also said that the Midigama Police does not serve justice.

Police officers from Weligama, Matara and Kananke, and Special Task Force personnel were called in to the location to control the unruly crowd.

Police Inspector D.M. Abeysekara of the Weligama Police Station was among the officers who arrived at the location, and said that the suspect must seek bail, and those who want to file complaints, can do so.

Meanwhile, the crowd said that they visited the Weligama Police Station to speak of the issue, however they were deceived by the Police.

Another person who was protesting questioned as to why the Police placed a hand grenade in the arrested mans’ possession.

” We don’t have to file a complaint. You know that it wasn’t actually with him. Investigations must be carried out into the murderer. But the investigations were carried out targeting the wrong person,” a member of the crowd said.

The Senior Police Superintendent of Matara arrived at the location afterwards, and spoke to the crowd, mentioning that the suspect was arrested as he is linked to a murder.

The News 1st correspondent reported that subsequently, two people were taken to the Matara Police Superintendent’s Office to file a complaint regarding the arrest.

News 1st made inquiries from the Police Spokesperson on the accusations levelled by the relatives against the Midigama Police.

He said a hand grenade was found at the suspect’s house after recording a statement from him .

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