Military will continue to support the people in the North, says Sri Lanka’s Army Chief

Military will continue to support the people in the North, says Sri Lanka’s Army Chief

Military will continue to support the people in the North, says Sri Lanka’s Army Chief

Written by Zulfick Farzan

29 Dec, 2021 | 2:48 pm

COLOMBO (News 1st); In the post-war era, the military will continue to support the people in the north to rebuild their livelihoods and work hand-in-hand with the communities, said the Army Commander on Wednesday (29).

General Shavendra Silva visited Jaffna to share seasonal compliments and show his care for North-based fellow tri-service troops, engaged in duty roles, away from their loved ones in families.

Addressing a representative group of peninsula-based All Ranks, General Shavendra Silva at first paid a glowing tribute to the memory of all fallen Tri-Service War Heroes during the humanitarian operations and wished differently able and wounded War Heroes, still under recuperation, be well and a speedy recovery.

In appreciating great roles being performed by tri-service troops, the visiting military chief wanted the same dedication and commitment to be sustained in the coming year too as professional soldiers of an admired organization.

“I know how you all and our sister services despite your own life risks performed to the best of their capacity and for the best interests of the Nation during the Covid-19 pandemic of throughout the year 2021 and all of you screened, coordinated, and arranged all the necessary facilities to match with the avowed motto; ‘Nothing is Impossible,” he said.

“As of now, the Army’s mobile vaccination fleet has contributed largely to bring better results by controlling the worst stage of the epidemic. Not only that, the President has now embarked on another similar challenging task, the production of organic fertilizer, for which we as professional soldiers, have been entrusted the task since the President strongly relies on our potentials and exceptional skills,” he noted.

“The President has appointed me as the Head of the Green Agriculture Operation Centre with utmost confidence and your participation in this new challenging responsibility would assist in reaching desired targets while turning the country to be a green one,” he underlined.

While noting and praising all ranks for their dedication to national security concerns as a professional Army, he claimed that the support being given to eradicate drug menace and other anti-social activities from our soil has received a commendation from all quarters. “Equally important are our accomplishment of development-oriented projects such as the construction of school buildings, playgrounds, public grounds, public places, tanks, overhead bridges, etc considering hardships of underprivileged schools and their infrastructure as set out in the Presidential policy. The same degree of your commitment to those national tasks is expected in the coming year, too. The support provided by President Gotabaya Rajapakse, the Premier Mahinda Rajapakse, and General Kamal Gunaratne (Rtd), Secretary to Ministry of Defence should also be commended,” the Army Chief pointed out.

He also touched on prospects of promotions for all ranks in the Army during his tenure and assured more promotions for all ranks of the Army in the coming New Year, also. “Our contribution to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force and their dedicated roles as well as your commitment for erection of houses for needy families should also be praised. I also thank the Commander, Security Forces – Jaffna and all ranks for organizing this meet as the New Year is forthcoming. Finally, I wish to give my best wishes to all of you and loved ones for the New Year all ranks and wish you be able to perform duties in a better way as the Nation has a high regard for our armed personnel.”

At Palaly airport, he was warmly welcomed by Major General Sujeewa Senarath Yapa, Commander, Security Forces – Jaffna and senior officers of the Navy and Air Force personnel.

The visiting Chief of Defence Staff and Commander of the Army was greeted by Air Force personnel presenting arms at the air base before he was ushered to the gathering of troops by tri service Senior Officers including Rear Admiral T.S.K. Perera, officiating Commander Northern Naval Area and Group captain Ruwan Chandima, Commanding Officer Air Force Base Palay. The itinerary got to a start at the Sri Lanka Air Force base Palaly soon after the invitation was extended for his address.

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