Foul play in removal of Agri Secretary: MP Vijitha

Foul play in removal of Agri Secretary: Vijitha Herath

by Amani Nilar 26-12-2021 | 1:24 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); National People's Power MP Vijitha Herath alleges that the previous Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture, Prof. Udith K. Jayasinghe was removed from his position due to the revelations made by him with regard to the fertilizer crisis.

Expressing his views regarding the fertilizer crisis, MP Herath pointed out that the previous Agrculture Secretary also revealed the nano-fertilizer importation scam, which was revealed that Sri Lanka could have bought a 500ml bottle at 6 Dollars and 25 cents, however chose to import the very same at 12 Dollars and 50 cents.

Therefore, Herath stated that the 500ml bottle, which could have been bought from India at Rs. 1250, was imported for Rs.2500 due to the fertilizer mafia at play in the country.

Moreover, Herath stated that Prof. Jayasinghe revealed suspicious information regarding the payment made to the Chinese ship carrying harmful organic fertilizer.

"It was because he spoke about this as a knowledgeable professor that he was removed from his position," MP Herath added.