Court slams Police for baseless arrests

Court slams Police for arresting people on baseless grounds; Activists granted bail

by Staff Writer 06-08-2021 | 6:21 PM

COLOMBO (News 1st); Three activists from the Inter-University Students Federation were released on personal bails of Rs. 100,000/- each by Colombo Chief Magistrate Buddhika Sri Ragala.

The three suspects were arrested by the Cinnamon Gardens Police on charges of engaging in a demonstration causing inconvenience to the general public.

However, Sri Lanka Police was strongly advised by the Chief Magistrate NOT to pointlessly arrest members of the public and produce them in court.

The Chief Magistrate pointed out that a person should be arrested when there are reasonable grounds that one had committed an offense against which a charge can be filed.

The Chief Magistrate ordered for the case to be called up again on the 06th of December.

The Chief Magistrate stated in the open court that the general public enjoys the freedom of speech and freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution and it cannot be violated as per the needs of the Police.

He also pointed out that the court had warned police on previous occasions as well to refrain from acting in such a manner with no proper understanding and added that these acts demonstrate that the police are not abiding by those warnings.