Tributes continue to flow in over Mr. Rajamahendran’s demise

Tributes continue to flow in over Mr. Rajamahendran’s demise

Tributes continue to flow in over Mr. Rajamahendran’s demise

Written by Staff Writer

28 Jul, 2021 | 9:00 pm

COLOMBO (News1st): Tributes continued to flow in from several quarters including the Maha Sangha over the demise of Mr. R. Rajamahendran, the chairman of the Capital Maharaja Group on Sunday.

“We pray for the chairman of the Capital Maharaja Group, Mr R. Rajamahendran to attain the bliss of Nibbana,” Ven. Bengamuwe Nalaka Thero, the convener of the Federation of National Organizations said.

Environment minister Mahinda Amaraweera said Mr R. Rajamahendran was a person who “contributed to environment-related activities” just as he did to the media industry.

Dr. Ajantha Perera, an environmentalist, pointed out that one can express their opinions only if they are given a chance by media institutions.

“I am grateful to Mr Rajamahendran for the platform he provided for environmentalists to voice their views,” Dr. Perera said in her condolence message.

Att.-at-Law Lal Wijenayake, the convener for Lawyers of Democracy, recalled Mr. R. Rajamahendran’s services to cricket in Sri Lanka.

“He rendered a great service in securing test-playing status for our cricket team in 1982,” he said. “During such an era, we know that he spent his money in obtaining the facilities required by cricketers”.

Prof. Ranjith Bandara, a government lawmaker said Mr. R. Rajamahendran was “a turning point in the television and radio industries”.

Ananda Lanerolle, the convener of the Citizens for Democracy said, Mr. Rajamahendran, set a precedent by showing that a person can use his money to serve the people and not just for living in comfort.

“I pray for a person of this calibre to be reborn in this country. Sri Lanka can achieve success if there are a few people like Mr. Rajamahendran,” he said.

Chameera Perera, the United Citizens’ Alliance convener, said Mr. Rajamahendran left an indelible mark in the country just as an “ideal citizen”, as he rendered a yeoman service towards democracy.

“Mr. Rajamahendran has departed us by leaving behind strong memories of that struggle,” he added.

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